GRT Express Terms and Conditions

  1. This ticket is issued to and accepted by the person named in the ticket ("the holder"), subject to the relevant By-Laws, Regulations and these Conditions.
  2. This ticket is not transferable.
  3. Passengers are expected to be clean, tidy and well behaved whilst travelling on this service. The driver reserves the right to refuse travel to any person/s non compliant.
  4. Goldrush Tours reserves the right for reasons of health and safety, to require children under the age of 10 years to travel accompanied by a parent or guardian, and to wear reasonable attire. Goldrush Tours will accept children between 10 and 15 years of agetravelling without a parent or guardian in accordance with Goldrush Tours policy from time to time. This includes the tender of duly signed authorisation form.
  5. Smoking, consumption of alcohol and/or illicit drugs is prohibited on any Goldrush Tours service.
  6. Hot greasy foods and milk products are prohibited onboard this service. If any other food or drink is consumed, all rubbish must be disposed of in the bins provided.
  7. Holders of tickets issued at pension / concessional fare rates valid for only WA pensioners must produce identification, pension card and supply pension number upon request. Are also obliged to carry the same whilst travelling on Goldrush Tours / GRT Express Services.
  8. Goldrush Tours may use, or change, the nominated mode of transport for the journey.
  9. Goldrush Tours may in its sole discretion, without liability therefore, cancel in whole or inpart any of the coaches shown in the published timetables or vary the stops at which the coaches will pick up or set down passengers.
  10. Goldrush Tours shall not be liable for any consequence arising out of or from any cancellation, variation in the time of arrival at or departure from any stops of any coach.
  11. Goldrush Tours shall be under no obligation or liability whatsoever to any person as a result of: any inaccuracy, error or misdescription contained in any travel or tour brochure; any change in any ticket price; or withdrawal of or failure to provide any service set out in such travel or tour brochure.
  12. Each fare paying passenger is allowed one suitcase and one overnight bag. The free luggage allowance is limited to two items of luggage per passenger with a maximum of 50kg per passenger any other will be regarded as freight and costs will apply. Luggage will only be accepted in bona-fide packaging. Bicycles and surfboards will be accepted if space permits, but a separate charge is applicable. Passengers are responsible for labeling and handling of their own luggage. Handbags and Briefcases are the only luggage permitted within the passenger compartment. Valuables to be kept with the passenger.
  13. Maximum liability for damaged or lost uninsured luggage is $150.00 for any or all of the luggage accompanying a passenger.
  14. Goldrush Tours shall not be liable to the holder for loss, damage or delay caused by or arising from riot, war, act of terrorism, Act of God, civil commotion, strikes, lockouts,stoppages or restrain of labour from whatsoever cause whether partial or general. Nor shall Goldrush Tours be liable to the holder for loss, damage or delay caused by or arising from the failure of Goldrush Tours to give ticket holder notice of: The withdrawal or cancellation of any service; the occurrence of any event, matter or thing set out in this Condition; or the threat, likelihood, possibility of or the occurrence of an event, matter or thing set out in this Condition.
  15. The issuer of this ticket shall not be liable to the purchaser or the holder in the event of the loss of or theft of this ticket or if it is honoured when presented by a person other than the person named herein or if the ticket is mislaid.
  16. All passengers must occupy a seat and be seat-belted.
  17. *Cancellation Fees: Refunds are made at point of ticket issue only or on written application in the case of website internet ticket purchase; Cancellation fees apply to all ticket bookings: 10% applies to all cancellations, 20% applies if cancelled within 24 hours of travel, 50% applies if cancelled at time of departure, Fail to Load - NO REFUND. *
  18. No bookings are confirmed until paid for in full, a paid ticket will always board in preference before a reservation booking or unpaid ticket.
  19. Online booking must be entered in and accepted on Goldrush Tours Website bookingsystem 24 hours before departure for confirmation to travel.
  20. No flammable liquids, firearms or explosives shall be carried or accepted as personal luggage, personal possession or as freight on any Goldrush Tours / GRT Express vehicle.
  21. Please be at your departure point at least 15 minutes prior to departure time

GRT Tours Terms and Conditions

  • Departures are guaranteed subject to minimum numbers.
  • Cancellation fees vary depending on Tour. Please see applicable brochure for details.
  • If using courtesy transfers service, we ask that you be ready 10 minutes prior to published time. Times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • All major credit cards are accepted.
  • Goldrush Tours reserves the right to cancel or to vary the content of its tours/packages should the need arise.
  • enquire about our group discounts.
  • Goldrush Tours include other operators product in this brochure in good faith. However, we cannot be responsible for the conduct of these operators or for loss or damage to property, personal injury, death or delay incurred on these tours/packages.
  • Prices are inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax).